LGBT Couples

All couples have relationship issues; LGBT couples face unique challenges. Most of them are from outside the couple. They are rooted in society’s uncertainty about full acceptance of LGBT couples. Prejudice is common, especially outside of major metropolitan areas.

LGBT CouplesDo you have concerns that your therapist might not be aware of issues specific to LGBT couples?

  • “Coming out as a couple” or remaining closeted at work
  • Common patterns in LGBT couples
  • Thinking about having children
  • Adoption, insemination or surrogate?
  • Anonymous or known donor
  • Who will carry the baby?
  • Legal, medical, and financial issues have to be addressed, particularly in areas that do not recognize domestic partnership or marriage


“We were referred to Mara 3 years ago by friends. Neither of us had been in a successful LTR. Kevin had a great opportunity with his company that required us moving to a smaller city that was not as gay friendly. We decided to make the move anyway.

LGBT Couples“Kevin’s employer was great. They found a perfect house in a nice and accepting neighborhood and paid for all the moving expenses. I had to find a new job, interact with new neighbors and overall be the public face of our relationship. This was challenging for me and put a strain on our relationship. Kevin did not really understand what my experience was like. We had always heard people say that a good relationship was hard work. After a few sessions with Mara we realized that it was work, but it didn’t have to be hard.”
– Kevin & Conrad, Fl.

Each couple has different needs and abilities. After assessing yours, a tailored strategy for you and your partner to grow together will take form. Weaving working communication skills, you’ll form a deeper understanding of each other by actively listening to what each of you feels and thinks. We’ll use Gottman, Imago, Schnarch, Pairs and NLP techniques as a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

All journeys begin with one step. I invite you to take that step by contacting me.

LGBT Couples

Working with couples for over 20 years, what I’ve noticed is often they just spit things out; they want to get it over with….