How to Set Clear Intentions

Clear IntentionsThe intention is a specific future desire or goal, which you will then imagine in your mind’s eye as if it is happening now. Place your mind in a state of concentrated focus, such as active meditation or concentrated awareness. As you imagine this future event, hold a picture of it in your mind as if it were occurring to you in present time, this very moment. Use all five of your senses to visualize the event in detail, see it, taste it, feel it, smell it, hear it. Keep your main focus on the moment you achieve your goal.

When setting your intention it may be useful to have a mental trial run, also called a mental rehearsal. This way you can notice the bits that are challenging for you and improve upon them until you achieve your goal. As you edit the scenes in your visualization to imagine success, you will become more and more adept at this technique and at obtaining your goals. Each time you achieve your goal allow yourself to feel the joy of it and notice what this achievement looks like. Is there a prize? Is your family there cheering you on? Is there a celebration? Are people cheering? What are you doing/feeling? It is important to add these pieces to your visualization, to practice creating intentional rehearsals.

This is how to set a clear intention:

  • Focus your mind.
  • Set a specific future goal or desire.
  • Imagine this is happening now in your mind’s eye.
  • Use all of your senses as you imagine this.
  • Keep the point of focus on the moment of achievement.
  • Notice what challenges are coming up in your mind blocking you from achieving your goal.
  • Change a small part what you are imagining to unblock your flow.
  • Continue to mentally rehearse this visualization and continue to change tiny bits as needed until you are free to obtain your goal/desire.
  • Imagine yourself obtaining this goal/desire now in present time.
  • Imagine what it feels like to obtain it, now in present time.
  • Imagine what happens when you achieve it, now in present time.
  • Repeat this exercise again and again until your goal has come to pass.
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