How to Use Emotional Meridian Release Techniques

Emotional Meridian TechniquesMeridians are energy streams that run through our bodies. Within these energy streams are points that connect the streams with particular internal organs in our bodies as well as particular emotions.

By tapping, rubbing or holding specific points we can change our energy flow, our behavior and some believe our body’s chemistry. The Chinese and Japanese have been using acupuncture and acupressure for centuries. In Asia, it is common belief that meridian channels, which are part of the Chakra system and serve as streams for our energy flow, are the source of health and disease.

Balancing our energy flow through acupuncture and acupressure has been used for centuries to create a path to healing! Emotional Meridian Release Techniques work in the same way.

When we make ourselves wrong for acting in ways that we consider undesirable we compound our actions with negative emotions. By lifting the negative emotions and shifting our thinking from self-blame to self-love; through the use of EMRT, we open energy channels throughout our beings. This in turn allows us to shift our behaviors towards ourselves and our loved ones. Here are three Emotional Meridian Release Techniques for you to work with. Follow the directions. Feel free to change the behavior or emotion to more accurately suit your needs!

Basic Directions

What issue would you like to work on today? If you were going to assign this issue a number between 0 and 10 (10 being very disturbing and 0 being neutral), what number would you give it?

As you lightly tap or press or hold each point using two or three fingers, think about an issue that you would like to focus on now. Tap each point 10-30 times or more.

  1. Heart Point – sore spot above left breast – gently Rub in a circle toward shoulder and state 3 times: “Even though I seem/have/feel tension and stress, I deeply and completely love and accept myself, and I forgive myself.” Then, while still rubbing, state 3 times: “I am entitled to miracles in my life.” Take a deep Breath and relax your hand.
  2. Karate Point – outside edge of hand: “I turn my stress and tension over to the Universe to transform it and my relationship to it, never to take it back or passively receive it back.” Say this two times, then say: “Even though I am stressed, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” SAY THESE WORDS WITH FEELING (Whether you believe them or not)! Take a Deep Breath
  3. Under eye (on bone just under eye, centered): “I release all the tension & stress in all my cells to the core of my being.”

What number would you give your level of stress/tension now? Notice if the number has changed.

Hope you have enjoyed this taste of Emotional Meridian Release Techniques.

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