Sensing Energy Fields

Sensing Energy FieldsKnowing what you are feeling is the preliminary step in being able to sense energy fields. Our emotions will get in the way of our perceptions. Fear which I believe is at the core of all negative emotions will keep you from being able to get in touch with your own energy field and from connecting with another’s. It will mask what you are sensing, feeling, seeing, and hearing so that you will not be able to trust your intuition. Whenever you feel a negative emotion ask yourself what am I fearful of? If you open yourself up and ask the hard questions you will find that the answers are there for you.

Whenever I enter a room I immediately notice how I feel in that room. If there is another person in the room I quickly play with the space between us by stepping forward and backward (subtly) to see, feel and sense how close in proximity I want that person to be to me. If however I am in a place of fear when I walk into the room, I will not be able to trust my intuitive perception of my knowledge of energetic space. A frequent source of irritability and disharmony in our interpersonal relationships is not being able to notice another’s need for a different amount of space between your energy field and theirs. When we are fear-based it is impossible to be in touch energetically with others and so we feel separate from the universe and we feel alone. One way to eliminate fear is to tap on the back side of your hand halfway between your wrist and fingers, aligned with the point where your fourth and fifth fingers converge. Tap for about one minute. Then do the other hand.

Being whole is living a life of authenticity; to do this we must be willing to ask the hard questions!

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