Wealth and How to Get It

WealthBelieving that you are wealthy is the first step to being so. I have noticed that many people worry about not having enough money. How much they earn does not seem to be a factor, they worry whether they earn 38 million dollars a year or twenty thousand. What they tell themselves, what they believe about themselves is what creates the worry, not whether or not they actually have oodles of cash. Taking this one step further, The Law of Attraction states that what you tell yourself and what you believe will attract more of the same to you. So, if you believe you have insufficient funds, you will attract more lack of funds to you. If, however, you believe that you are in abundance you will attract abundance to you.

An effective and easy step-by-step Neuro-Linguistic Programming Technique is below. It is a simple exercise to help you to shift any negative beliefs and create a belief system that attracts wealth to you. The cup is now half full.

  1. Make a list of all the ways and feelings you believe money will bring you.
  2. Choose one way from your list. Recall a time when you strongly felt that way. Allow yourself to fully return to that memory. NOW…see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel how good you felt.
  3. As you continue through this memory allow the colors to become richer, brighter, the sounds louder, clearer, and your feelings stronger.
  4. Continuing to feel these good feelings, squeeze the thumb and middle finger of your right hand together and say the words “I am in abundance” silently or out loud.
  5. Practice doing this with all the ways/feelings on your list.
  6. Anytime you feel ‘out of abundance’ just squeeze the thumb and middle finger of your right hand together and say “I am in abundance.” This will immediately bring you to feeling in abundance.
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