What is Soul Retrieval

What is Soul Retrieval?In 1981 I studied Huna Shamanism in Hawaii. In 1988 I studied Shamanism with a Cherokee healer for 1 year. I continued to study at The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and read everything I could on the subject. What I now know to be true is that Shamanism is about trusting your intuition, as you allow yourself to experience visions using ancient traditions of journeying to altered states.

Often I see clients who are searching for their Soul Mate. Some have been in and out of many relationships in their quest. Repairing our hearts is always the 1st place to begin when our intention is to find a mate or to continue to connect with the one that we have.

Soul retrieval is a wonderful way to begin to restore our hearts to a place of wholeness and balance. If the upset has to do with the heart, then that is the part of our soul that is lost or fragmented. Indian Shamans all over the world believe that when there is an emotional, intuitive or physical upset in our lives, soul fragmentation occurs.

Soul fragmentation or soul loss is viewed similarly to the way one might view a limb that has been amputated. Fortunately we can with the technique of Soul Retrieval, repair the parts of our Souls that have been lost. Soul Retrieval, as with any of the Energy Psychology Techniques, is very powerful and can create immediate, permanent changes in the way we feel, behave and view our world. Retrieving our lost souls is paramount to our attracting and continuing to attract a mate!

To begin with, make yourself comfortable; shift your weight so that your body feels fully supported. Now take a couple of deep, full, cleansing breaths, inhale as fully as you comfortably can, and with every exhale you may release all the tension, worries and stresses of your life. Just let it go, and with every inhale, breath in white light of safety and protection. Imagine this light of safety and protection surrounding your whole being, forming an egg for you to float inside of as you continue to breathe deeply and fully – Now.

  1. Look or feel inside your heart and see or sense what pieces are missing.
  2. Notice what you sense these pieces are connected to in your past.
  3. Ask your highest self, angels, power animals, spirit teachers, and all right action sources for assistance!
  4. For each piece of your heart that you find, cleanse it by surrounding it with golden light before you return it to its home. You will know intuitively when you find a piece of your lost soul. Trust yourself!
  5. Set your intention on returning the pieces of your soul that have been fragmented from your heart back to your heart, so that you will feel love & joy in your life!
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