Embracing Charisma: Build Great Relationships

CharismaCharisma is something inexplicable. A person that has this quality will draw you to them. You’ll want to know and be near them, you will be influenced by their ideas and words. This person has charisma. Many leaders and successful people have this quality inherently. I believe that if we study the individual components of charisma, we can develop them in ourselves.

One quality is the ability to reflect the person you are interacting with. Reflecting is to match the expression, the tone and speed of the voice of the person you are speaking with. This creates synchronicity and an atmosphere of confidence. Communication has maximum effectiveness; rapport has been created and maintained. Reflecting is natural and effortless for some, the rest of us can learn by being in the present and in mindful observation.

The second quality is to remember the names of the people you are addressing. This will allow for instantaneous trust and make the person feel important and respected.

Third is to be interested in others; practice asking questions and actively listening to the responses. Finding shared or common interests through the answers, you can weave a conversation. People who innately have charisma do this naturally; the rest of us can learn.

Fourth, smile genuinely; this will create a connection without saying a word.

The fifth quality that charismatic people share is the ability to transmit the emotions they feel to others. Be authentic.

Sixth quality: Put the interest of the people you are speaking with, and the beliefs of those people, before your own. This will create a sense of trust and safety.

Seventh quality: Speak from your heart. Again be authentic, speak your truth. Your words and actions are connected.

Practice these qualities this week and notice how others respond to you. Smile genuinely with the people you meet. Notice how the spirit of all is lifted.