How to Keep Your Relationship Happy

Happy RelationshipHow is it that many people expend tons of energy to find their “Soul Mate” and then, once they do, their focus changes? Have you noticed this too? People stop putting energy into the relationship they had previously spent years dreaming about. Perhaps there have been disappointments; perhaps there have been expectations that were not met. Slowly, quietly and often unconsciously the relationship begins to drift apart. Although this is not true in all relationships, it is a common occurrence that can easily be shifted.

If, when people become a couple, they are willing to stay conscious and continue to put at least 50% of their energy into their relationship; they will be more likely to feel and express the appreciation that they dreamed about when they were single. When people feel appreciated they are less likely to hold resentments, anger and negative thoughts. Notice how you feel when you are appreciated as opposed to criticized, and now imagine that your partner feels similarly.

Couples often begin to take each other for granted, sometimes as early as the first year of commitment. Staying conscious of this tendency is a terrific way to keep your relationship fresh.

Some suggestions for doing this are:

  • Every day say “good-morning” to your partner.
  • When you look at your partner remember to Smile.
  • Use Please.
  • Before you leave for the day, hug & kiss your partner good-bye.
  • Use Thank you.
  • Hug & kiss your partner hello when you return at night.
  • Focus on your partner’s positive traits.
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