“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”
– Albert Einstein

How Anxiety Becomes a Problem

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress – fear and anxiety are survival mechanisms that alert us to danger. However, when an individual cannot distinguish between an actual threat and an imagined one, anxiety can turn into worry, dread or fear, which in turn can lead to the painful state of feeling out of control.

AnxietyIn my more than twenty years as a licensed psychotherapist, master certified coach and mentor, I have become very familiar with the progression from normal anxiety to feelings of helplessness and vulnerability, and have acquired and developed a wide range of tools for helping individuals eliminate destructive fears and anxieties.


Putting Anxiety into Perspective

Anxiety and fear dissolve when they are viewed from a rational perspective. Whether my clients are working on specific situations or their lives in general, I guide them through a process that equips them for dealing with stress in a positive and productive manner.

Perspective“Mara has helped me in ways I cannot even begin to explain. She has helped me get through panic attacks, claustrophobia and my fear of flying. She has not only guided me through my worst days, but has given me the tools to be able to confront these problems myself. These very tools have given me a new sense of empowerment and freedom; I’m convinced that there is no challenge I can’t face.”

– Max A. Barrios, Miami Beach, Florida


Unlocking Vitality and Joy

Fear and anxiety block and drain energy. Many of my clients express great relief when they realize that their fears and anxieties are not just incidental in their lives, but have been a cloud obscuring their ability to live life fully. Getting to that point usually requires professional assistance to avoid common traps like:

  • The unconscious use of coping mechanisms developed out of necessity in childhood, but which become counter productive in adulthood.
  • Anticipated “negative futures” created from bad memories, which become self-fulfilling prophecies that prevent living fully in the now.
  • Using positive thinking, which tends to fail because it does not address unrecognized emotional states that are more powerful than thoughts.

I invite you to contact me to learn how anxiety and fear may be preventing you from living and enjoying a life that you may not even think is possible.

Reducing Anxiety

One of the things I do is I help them to reduce their anxiety in the workplace by building balance in their life and helping them challenge their self-defeating behaviors…