Business Coaching

I’m Not Just a Business Coach

There’s a difference between getting help with basic business skills and getting help from me in setting up your practice or business. My coaching includes how to deal with personal issues that can get in the way of success. I begin with where each client is, and weave in the business training at appropriate points in the coaching process.

s-business2Clients are mental health practitioners, life coaches, chiropractors, massage therapists and, in fact, entrepreneurs in almost any kind of business.

My coaching process typically starts with one two-hour session followed by three sessions a month, which get reduced to two a month, and then as needed. The overall time frame is client dependent.

I can give you more information about the process when I know your situation and goals. Please contact me so we can discuss a plan that will get your practice up and running soon, or take your current practice to the next level.

The Rewards of Running a Private Practice are Great … and are worth the Effort it Takes to Succeed

When I started my practice from scratch, in a neighborhood where it seemed there were five therapists on every block, people told me I was crazy.

But I believed in myself and the laws of attraction and allowing, ignored the negativity and forged ahead.


As I grew and sustained my practice over the last three decades, other professionals would ask me for advice on how to get more clients, and I was always happy to give it.

Eventually, I realized that what I had learned through building my practice could be offered as training, which I now deliver to individuals to help them move with confidence along the path to success.

Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help

There is no substitute for hard work and determination – which are necessary for success in every endeavor – but it isn’t necessary to learn all the lessons the hard way or to go it alone without caring and knowledgeable support from someone who has been there. Asking for and getting help does not diminish the accomplishments that only you can achieve.

Clients who have worked with me and followed my suggestions now have successful practices. Some of the typical obstacles they had to deal with and overcome are:

  • The tendency of individuals in the helping professions to not charge enough. They had to realize that, to truly help others, they have to take care of business first.
  • The idea that all you need to do is hang out a shingle, run an ad and start living off the practice. Realistically, it takes about five years to build a practice that provides comfortable financial support.
  • Expecting success without establishing the disciplines of getting organized, meeting deadlines and becoming personally accountable and self-motivated.
  • Not knowing the market to be served. Knowing the market is an absolutely critical element for building a business.

Believe me, success is worth the effort, and I would be delighted to help you focus and leverage your energy so that you can realize the goal of a successful practice or business.

Business Coaching

So we would be eliminating words like “should,” “have to,” “can’t,” “don’t,” “ought to”….