Dealing with Breakdowns in Committed Relationships is an Essential (and Admirable) Skill

It’s heartbreaking when affection and love get eclipsed by conflicts, loss of trust or a sense of alienation. During these times it can feel as if we have lost the best friend we thought we could always count on.

s-couples1In the more than twenty years I’ve been working with couples, I have always felt tremendous admiration for those who value their relationship enough to face the challenges that are bound to arise in any committed relationship. It takes courage and the realization that our dream relationships don’t just happen – we have to learn how to make them happen.

The couples I assist build the relationships they want through strategies we work out together. Each couple requires a special blend of approaches that I create from my broad experience as a licensed psychotherapist and a master certified coach. With the help of my heightened intuition – which allows me to identify unspoken issues and strengths – we get great results quickly and effectively.

“We found Mara on the Internet over 6 years ago and worked with her by phone. When we started, our marriage was very tense – to the point where we were considering divorce – but Mara taught us skills for communicating effectively and constructively. Everyone says marriage is hard work, but Mara gave us tools for doing that work with ease. We now have a loving, happy marriage.”
– Richard & Kayla Bennett, Bridgeport, Connecticut

s-couples2Some of the best tools and techniques I use come from Imago, Pairs, NLP and Gottman, but these are just a few of the resources that have inspired me in my practice.

Taking the first step that will lead you to the relationship you want can be the most difficult. I invite you to take that step by contacting me. You have nothing to lose and your dream relationship to gain.


Couples call me, and during their first session with me, one of the first things I say to them always is you can either be right or you can be in a relationship, but you’re not going to be able to have both….