The Influence of Parents on Personality Development

As children, we look to our families to take care of our basic needs; they are also our most important source of information about the world. It is through our relationship with them that we learn how to think and feel about ourselves and what to expect from others.

Our view of the world and who we are in it is often created by the ways in which our parents treated us, the way they acted towards each other and the kinds of messages their behavior communicated to us. This early learning is reflected in the quality of the relationships that we have in our lives…

Consider the relationships presently in your life. Notice how you act similarly and different from your parents.

A fun exercise that will allow you to see and understand the traits you carry that are similar and different from your parents is this:

Take 3 sheets of paper

  • 1st sheet – Make a list of your positive and negative traits
  • 2nd sheet – Make a list of your father’s positive/negative traits
  • 3rd sheet – Make a list of your mother’s positive/negative traits

Now put a check mark next to the traits that are the same on all three lists

  • Notice that any traits you truly dislike in another may very well be a trait of yours that you have not acknowledged.

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  1. Yaz Headley says:

    What an excellent exercise. Great idea. Well worth trying out and goes to the next stage where we take responsibility for ourselves as adults.

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