Therapy and Coaching Services

For over twenty years in my career as a licensed psychotherapist, master certified coach and mentor, my clients have been moving beyond acceptance of just OK lives to finding life partners, reigniting faded romance, rebuilding trust in relationships and realizing dreams of fulfillment through creative endeavors.

These transformations almost always begin with the insight that we create many of the obstacles in our lives. That subtle shift of perspective is the first step in collaborating with my clients to unlock the power they already have, but is currently inaccessible.

Mara Fisher

Mara Fisher, LCSW, MCC

Building a Bridge to Goals, Dreams, Joy and Love

I connect with clients all over the world and they quickly feel my commitment to their growth and my compassion, and I am told that they also enjoy my sense of humor. Progress toward client goals is helped by my heightened intuition, which allows me to quickly identify unspoken issues and strengths.

The gap between satisfaction and fulfillment in your life may not be as big as it seems. I invite you to contact me so we can take a look at it together.