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Will This Matter in 5 Years?


In some cases, stress can be healthy. The ability to feel stress or anxiety is a result of our fight or flight response that have helped humans survive and succeed for so long. Feeling stress is natural; about finances, relationships, big-moment life decisions…these stresses exist for a reason. It’s our inherent way of focusing on what’s important and guiding ourselves to make positive decisions that bring joy or health to our lives.

But what happens when we stress about the small things in life? What happens when we let the anxiety behind being unable to control whether it rains, whether rescheduling an appointment will cause confrontation, or whether our spouse wants seafood or Thai for dinner on Saturday negatively impact our lives?

We live in a world where controlling even the smallest details of life can feel immensely important. This is partially because it’s so easy to control the small stuff in the 21st century. The ability to be constantly connected, schedule every aspect of life, and have immediate access to nearly everything makes it easy to feel all-powerful. It can feel like we’re in control of everything! Unfortunately, sometimes the stress that accompanies controlling these details isn’t worth dwelling on.

The stress that comes from feeling out of control is truly a vicious cycle. We become stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by a situation that is beyond our control, no matter how small. Then we become stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by our emotions and our inability to control them. The cycle continues, and it rarely benefits us emotionally. In fact, it’s usually harmful to the way we approach the world. Think of all the things we miss because we’re mired in our own stress.

As you look ahead, I challenge you to ask yourself this when feelings of stress creep up: Will this matter to me in 5 years?

If the problem you’re experiencing stress over won’t matter in 5 years, stop stressing about it. Release the need to control the outcome. Eliminating the need to control small details of life opens you up to live more fully, free of insignificant stress. It also opens you up to focus on the feelings of stress that crop up around dilemmas that will matter in 5 years – those “big moment” life choices that deserve extra consideration.

It would surely be a magical feeling to live a completely stress-free life. Stress is a result of being in situations where the outcome is not guaranteed. Rather than denying yourself the right to feel stress, refocus your stress on dilemmas that will have a long-term impact to make better use of the stress reaction.

Remember, when you begin to feel stressed, assess whether it will matter in 5 years. If not, stop stressing.


Building Clarity: Relationships, Communication and Energy Fields

Energy includes three aspects of the body’s systems: Pathways – meridians; Centers – chakras and Biofield – aura.

Understanding how the interaction of energy around you can affect a relationship will help you to maintain your physical boundaries, which we discussed recently.  By sensing your energy field and your physical boundaries, you can greatly improve your relationships with everyone around you. 

You will begin to notice how your level of comfort with another changes depending upon how close or far away someone stands from you; your level of intimacy with that person will decide what distance feels correct. The more sensitive you become to knowing when you are in another’s energy field the more harmonious your relationships will be.

The purpose of this exercise is to begin to know when another person is in your physical boundaries (energy field) and how to assess your own level of comfort. While you doing this exercise, ask yourself these three questions:

  • How can I tell when someone is in my energy field?
  • What can I do to become clear on my physical boundaries?
  • Will my moods affect my physical boundaries?

1)    Have a person you are very intimate with stand opposite you about 10 feet away. 

  • Ask them to slowly walk towards you.  Stop them when you begin to feel uncomfortable. 
  • Ask them to take a step or two back, until you feel comfortable.  Notice how close they come to you before you can feel them in you field; notice when or if you become uncomfortable. Notice what exactly you do feel or sense! 
  • Do this again with the same person when you are annoyed with them and see the difference!

2)    Now repeat this exercise with someone you are acquaintances with.  Notice what the differences are, and the similarities.

3)    Now do it with a friend, someone you feel safe with and notice what the differences and similarities. 

The more people you do this with the quicker you will become aware of where you begin and end. As well as, how physically close you can be to another person and be effective and comfortable. This exercise teaches you to use space to create an environment that promotes well being for you.

Music – a Powerful Resource

Music is a very powerful source. I imagine that music plays many roles in your life as it does in mine.

It allows others to have a sense of who we are and what we believe. Consider the ways that music has influenced your life.

Music has the power to shift our feelings from joy to sorrow in a split second. It can bring us back to memories we forgot we had or forward to the world we have yet to create. Music can provide inspiration, relaxation and passion…