Bridge of Life

Notice the Little Things

As October ushers itself in, the subtle shifts of one season surrendering to another become apparent. Do you ever wonder where the time goes? You may ask, “How did September sneak by and leave without warning?” Often the rapid pace of life creates a whirlwind of perpetual motion and we forget to take the time […]

8 Loving Tips To Improve Your Relationship

Do you feel a little distant from your romantic partner? Could your relationship with a family member be closer? Are you experiencing some friction with a friend? Here are some Loving Tips on boosting contentment and happiness in your relationships with a loved one: Accept the person for all that they are, and all that […]

The Weight Struggle: Where it Starts

There is a burning question facing many of us these days  – that is – Why do you want to lose weight permanently? For so many the process of weight loss is a vicious and disheartening cycle of fail and repeat, and we wonder, how do we make a substantial change? Your motivation is the […]

How Do You Know If You Are Co-Dependent?

Codependence is developed in childhood by how we perceive and receive love from our parents. When we come from dysfunctional homes as many people do; we are often given contradictory messages about love by our parents, such as: ‘I love you; ‘Go away’; ‘you can’t do anything right’; ‘I need you’; ‘I will be there […]