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Is Age Just A Number? Or A Reason To Keep Us From Our Dreams?


“You’re too young.” “You’re too old.”

Age is used as a limiting factor our whole lives. While meditating, a thought came to me that I was 10 years younger than I am. Suddenly I felt great! I once again felt young, as if my life was still ahead of me rather than mostly behind me, which is how I was feeling at the time. I realized if I take away my age number and put another one in its place, like trying on a new coat, I will feel totally different!

Do you let your age stop you from going for what you want? Have you given up on goals or dreams because you think it’s too late? Imagine, like I did in my meditation, that you are 10 years younger. Does that change your view on whether that dream you put out to pasture could become a reality?

We, as a society, place enormous significance on what number our age is. Women feel this pressure especially, but it has become an issue for men as well. On the other hand, society’s view on age keeps changing, usually because someone—who didn’t let their age stop them—did something spectacular. In May 2015, 92-year-old Harriette Thompson kept to a tradition she started when she was 76 years old…running a marathon!

On a personal note, my grandfather at age 87 fulfilled a life long dream of being his own boss. He started and successfully ran a small business, using his skills as a designer in the garment industry.

While there are real limits that come with age, there are many, many more perceived limits we tell ourselves because of how “old” we are and what we believe that means. Age does not necessarily determine what is possible for us. Honor the strength of your mind and its powerful ability to affect the way we feel and perform. Instead of letting society dictate how we feel about our age, let’s just feel good about it!

“I have a dream to climb Everest at this age. If you have a dream, never give up. Dreams come true.”

~ Yuichiro Miura, oldest man to climb Mt Everest, at 80 years old

Encourage your youthfulness of spirit, dream on, and enjoy the possibilities!

Are You Limiting Yourself?

What you choose to believe will dictate many facets of your life. Society has a lot to say to us, about us. It likes to tell us we’re too small to make a difference in the world or we don’t have what it takes to be what we want to be. And you know what? Many of us believe these societal lies – and once we believe something, it becomes a part of who we are; it is grafted into the patterns of our thinking.

What are your beliefs about yourself?

In this blog post, I’d like to identify some common, restrictive beliefs and show you how to go from limited to limitless. Let’s get started…

Restrictive Belief #1 – ‘I’m too small to make a difference in this world.’

While it is true that you are just one person, when you believe that you do not have the power within yourself to positively impact the world around you, you become a carrier of negative energy – in other words, you become limited. Limiting yourself in this way leaves no room for abundant thinking.

APPLICATION- Want to kick start abundance in your own mind?:

Begin with gratitude. Think gratefully of the positive qualities you do possess: ‘I’m thoughtful, empathetic, smart, educated, strong…etc, and I’m thankful for these attributes.’ Through this exercise, you will have opened the door to making a difference, and your possibilities will become limitless.

Restrictive Belief #2 – ‘I’m not courageous enough.’

Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Okay, so you’re afraid to do something. Maybe you’re trying to overcome your fear of switching careers or starting a family.

APPLICATION- Want to overcome your fear?:

Acknowledge it. Look it straight in the eye and don’t be the first to look away. You see, once you sit with whatever it is that causes you to be afraid, that thing becomes less scary, less powerful. Through this exercise, you will become the victor, and in Mandela’s wise words, you will “triumph over it.”

Restrictive Belief #3 – ‘I don’t have enough time in a day.’

Time is a funny thing in that when we’re experiencing hardship, it seems to go on forever, yet when we’re having fun, time flies by. Rarely does it feel like we have just the right amount of time to accomplish everything on our to do list.

APPLICATION- Want to feel like you have enough time?:

Create it. Don’t let your looming deadlines and the ticking of the clock dictate your daily life; instead, rise an hour earlier and get ahead. You may even find incredible rejuvenation in rising early to experience some well-deserved quiet time. Take the reigns and set your own rules. Remember, you’re the one wearing the watch; it’s not wearing you!


Take a few moments to ask yourself what you believe. You might be surprised to see what comes up. Open yourself to a limitless mindset and let abundance flow in.