Bridge of Life

Don’t Hide Your Feelings

Fake it till you make it. We’ve all heard this advice at some point in our lives. While there’s a time and a place for putting on a positive outlook to muscle through a situation – or until you genuinely feel better – it’s not healthy to do all the time. I advocate being honest […]

Believing in Your Own Truth

I recently had a rather heated discussion with a friend who was trying to convince me that she was right and I was wrong about something. She was quite irritated that I would not agree with her. I wasn’t trying as hard to convince her of my ‘rightness’ as she was in insisting that I […]

Moments Matter

I have invited my colleague Shelly Rose Charvet of Canada to guest blog on my blog. Shelly is a terrific writer, teacher and speaker. If you want to read more of this article or any of her other wonderful articles please go to her website: How to Succeed Your Key Moments Here are some […]