Bridge of Life

Do you need a vacation…or a more balanced life?

I love vacations. They are chances to see new sites and enjoy activities you may not typically incorporate into your daily schedule. Putting yourself in a new location can be invigorating to body and mind, as you are having different experiences than usual. However, if you mainly use vacations as escape from your normal reality, […]

Overcoming Internal Resistance

Have you ever decided to do something and then found yourself procrastinating, avoiding taking action, or feeling stuck? Maybe you purchased a self-help program you believe will be helpful but haven’t started it. Perhaps you decided that organizing your work or living space will increase your productivity but you’re avoiding clearing the clutter or gathering […]

Obesity is a State of Mind

How does one lose weight and keep it off? Just making up your mind usually doesn’t work for most of us. I have met and witnessed so many people who seem to live their lives on diets. Many who are quite overweight and yet have had no success with any diet, or at least not […]