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Do you need a vacation…or a more balanced life?

sunset over waterI love vacations. They are chances to see new sites and enjoy activities you may not typically incorporate into your daily schedule. Putting yourself in a new location can be invigorating to body and mind, as you are having different experiences than usual.

However, if you mainly use vacations as escape from your normal reality, you might want to examine the level of balance in your life. If your daily life is unbalanced, a vacation will merely be a quick fix and not help the underlying issue.

Imagine if you didn’t need a vacation in order to feel calm and centered, but could find that in your every day?

If you feel your life is unbalanced, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you overscheduling yourself? If so, consider ranking to-do’s and commitments by importance and complete them in that order. That way, you will accomplish what is most productive, supportive, and essential to you. Eliminating those “should” tasks can add more time and increase your level of satisfaction.
  • What is causing you overwhelm? Is it something you can delegate or ask for help with? If not, can you choose to shift your perspective on what you perceive to be stressful?
  • How often do you feel tired/sick and what is the cause? Is it poor nutrition, lack of sleep, or your thoughts? These are all factors that play a role in decreased energy and health.
  • How soon do you feel burned out after returning from a vacation? Try to remember what the precursors were to your last burnout. Did a particular thing, or combination of things, happen that led to it? Finding clues to what causes you to “need a vacation” is helpful for keeping an eye on in the future so you can make adjustments before burnout happens.

Now that you have explored your past life-balance history, write a vision of your life in the future. What could your life look like on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis if it were balanced? What are you doing in that vision? How do you feel? Determine how you could make aspects of your balanced life into realistic goals to achieve.

Vacations are not solutions to an unbalanced life. Focusing in on possible causes of imbalance, steps to regain balance, and how you desire to see your life in the future will bring more equilibrium and joy to your life. Vacations will be even more enjoyable when you don’t dread returning to the “real world”!

Overcoming Internal Resistance

rose in bloomHave you ever decided to do something and then found yourself procrastinating, avoiding taking action, or feeling stuck? Maybe you purchased a self-help program you believe will be helpful but haven’t started it. Perhaps you decided that organizing your work or living space will increase your productivity but you’re avoiding clearing the clutter or gathering the ideas/tools to guide you to the best setup. Whatever your situation, you know when you’ve hit a wall of resistance, and while it doesn’t feel good, it can actually give you some important insights.

Two things can be possible when you feel internal resistance within yourself:

  • What you are resisting will benefit you and requires you to push through any perceived limitations and inner blocks.
  • Your body, soul, instinct, etc. is telling you what you’re setting out to do might not be supportive to you at this time.

So how do you figure out the type of resistance you’re facing? And what do you do with that information?

1) The first step to decision and action is awareness, so you can gain clarity as to what your resistance is really about. Instead of pushing your feelings down, ignoring them, or trying to force them to change, allow yourself to feel and explore them. Notice what comes up for you and take note without judgment or criticism.

2) Ask yourself where this resistance is coming from and what is it about. Allow the feelings that came up in connection to the resistance to be your guide.

  • a) Is the source of resistance due to not knowing the next step to take? Fear, worry or doubt that you can do it, or if it will work out for you? If any of your resistance comes from this type of energy, you can learn from it. Whenever we see our blocks or “stuff” it is often an opportunity to shift from negative to a positive way of thinking.

Ask yourself why you have the fear, worry, doubt, etc. Is there proof that it’s true? Are you drawing upon your past perceptions or the perceptions of others? Whether or not we consider ourselves to be “creative” people, we have active imaginations that sometimes come up with all the ways something will be hard or won’t work out for us. This is our ego trying to protect us. Thank your ego for doing its job and let it know you are going to do it anyway with the help of higher consciousness and your intuition.

  • b) Is the source of your resistance coming from a feeling, sense, or intuition that something isn’t right for you or supportive for you to do? If so, this type of energy is telling you to re-examine your motives and reasons you think you need, should, or want to do this. Did you at first think it was a good idea but have since changed your mind (or sensed it is no longer a good idea)? Did you set out to do this for someone else because you think it’s what he or she wants you to do or will make them think better of you? Do you know or sense that continuing with your initial decision will drain your energy, health, and happiness or deplete you in some other way? If your answers come from this type of resistance energy, it might be in your best interest to let it go.

3) Once you are clear as to whether your resistance is a sign to push through your blocks or a sign to re-evaluate and redirect, it’s time to tune in, connect to your higher self and ask: What would I do if I knew I couldn’t fail? What is my desired end result if I could only do it right and nothing could stop me?

Then ask: What would the first step be in making that perfectly successful vision happen? Allow your heart to answer these questions. It knows the answers, so be open to receiving the messages and all the possibilities, no matter how “unrealistic” they might seem in the moment.

4) Take that first step! It could be finding the book or resource to learn what you need to know. Maybe it’s reaching out to a contact for help or thinking of who might know the person you need to connect with. Your first action step can be to act as if you are living in the energy of a person who has accomplished something similar to what you want your ideal end result to be. Your action steps may be uncomfortable, and there are no guarantees what will result, but putting into action what you desire is crucial to turning thoughts, dreams, and desires into reality.



Obesity is a State of Mind

How does one lose weight and keep it off? Just making up your mind usually doesn’t work for most of us. I have met and witnessed so many people who seem to live their lives on diets. Many who are quite overweight and yet have had no success with any diet, or at least not for very long once they go off the diet. Perhaps food is serving some unfulfilled emotional desire for them. However the why is not of particular importance in the schema of keeping weight off. The how, what and when is best to look at if one wants to shift their belief system and change their habits around food. In the depths of our brain is a part called the Reptilian Brain. It functions out of instinct, out of desire, yearning wants; it has no thought process connected to it. When you have an overwhelming urge for a food that will keep weight on you or put more on, it is this part of your brain that is kicking in. Have you been sleepwalking to your kitchen lately in the middle of the night?

So, how to work with this part of your brain? Shifting your behavior is the answer. If you are obese or just overweight than you have developed unhealthy habits that give you pleasure, as with all habits when you repeat them they become unconscious and you ‘just do it’. 1st imagine yourself at a weight that is healthy for you. Clearly visualize yourself at that weight. Perhaps creating a vision board, using other people’s bodies that look to be your ideal weight and attaching your head to the bodies can be a helpful way to reinforce your visualization of yourself at your ideal weight. 2nd, once a week let go of one unhealthy eating habit and substitute it with a healthy eating habit. If you continue this for one year you will have let go of 52 unhealthy eating habits and replaced them with 52 healthy ones. Repetition is what allows habits to hold fast and for us to shift our behaviors. Yes, it really works!

Most of us who are or have been obese would prefer a magic wand, but setting your intention to shift your habits from unhealthy ones to healthy ones and repeating that behavior is the 1st step towards having a healthy body and keeping it healthy. Another technique that works well when the reptilian brain is kicking in and you begin to go unconscious as you walk to your refrigerator to open it and eat something you are having an urge for is to imagine all kinds of huge cockroaches and maggots in your pasta or living inside the bread. Imagine that when you take a bite you will be biting into many cockroaches as they are cooked in the pasta, some are still alive, waving at you with their antenna, beckoning you to eat the pasta…some are waiting for you to take a bite of that bread so they can wiggle their antenna and turn their heads to look at you as you crunch upon their backs. So whatever food you have urges for, imagine cockroaches, maggots and other decaying matter living happily in your food choice.

Yes these techniques really do work. As a cognitive behavioral therapist and hypnotherapist my clients have had great success using the above techniques in losing weight and keeping it off. I myself have had great success as well. Although I have never been truly obese, my tendency in life was to go up and down. I do hope this is helpful and brings you hope!