Bridge of Life

Are Your Beliefs About Money Keeping You Poor?

Before money was in the form of paper or coins, people traded goods of value such as cows, fish, rice, salt, weapons, and clothing. The value of money is what we put on it. While our government has decided the amount a piece of paper or coin is worth, individuals place an additional, intangible value […]

Wealth: How to Achieve It

Believing that you are wealthy is the first step to being so. I have noticed that many people worry about not having enough money. How much they earn does not seem to be a factor, they worry whether they earn $38 million dollars a year or twenty thousand—that’s a pretty big differential. What they tell […]

Understanding the Law of Attraction

What is the Law of Attraction? A simple explanation would be that you get what you are focused on. In other words; when you think a thought, you create a feeling— which in turn creates a vibration throughout your cells throughout your body and continues to vibrate that frequency out into the universe. This vibration […]