Bridge of Life


Over the years inspirational author Maya Angelou has shared many mantras that can be simply life changing. Amongst the most powerful lies a gem of wisdom that enhances our ability to approach any new human relationship with the right frame of mind:

When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.”

While it’s valuable to make mental note of this quote when interacting with others we’ve just met or are getting to know, it can also be thought about self-reflectively; helping us to strive to be good stewards of the universe. It allows us to continually try to be the kind of person that others can believe in, making us better friends, family, lovers and humans.

How can we see what others see in us? Here are are few questions to keep in mind when looking at our own interactions with others:

  • What qualities do you find most admirable in yourself? Do you share these characteristics with others?
  • What are your unique gifts? Do you share these blessings with others?
  • Are you actively aware of how you approach your relationship with others? Are you as open, warm, and positive as you hope to find them to be?

Pondering these questions and keeping them in mind will help to actively guide you to sharing your best self with those around you. Our relationships help shape our reality – when we practice and pay attention to ‘the little things’ in those interactions we’re benefited with rewards greater than we can imagine.

As you begin to realize the power of best self; you can begin to build even deeper relationships with those around you. Family, friends and lovers will see that you’re more connected to your own spirit and, in turn, will feel more connected to you. You can make even your best relationships stronger – it’s possible!

By striving to put our most authentic face forward every day, we create the ability to become the person that others gravitate towards. When we let the light exude from our hearts into the universe, we create a much more beautiful reality for ourselves and those around us.

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