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Writing either comes easy to you or it is a chore. At least that is what I have observed. For me, well I wish it came easily but indeed it is a chore. Getting myself to sit down and write is the trick. Once I am writing it flows in clumps. I’m always quite amazed at how some folks can just write and write and write, god bless them! I have found that if I write either first thing in the morning or late at night when the world around me is at peace the words drift down into my fingers and onto the page.

I have noticed and heard from others that they just can’t find time to write, with a day job. What an interesting concept to not be able to find time. In my experience we find time for what is important to us, so being that I am a therapist I decided to spend a few moments exploring this concept.

I considered who are the people that have stated that since they have a day job they cannot find time to write? What I observed is that they are people that consider themselves Writers and would like to be writing rather than working at something other than writing during the day. Thus the idea that ‘they can’t find time to write’. Chances are they are consciously or unconsciously upset that they have not written the great American novel or are not writing a column for The New Yorker or some such publication instead of working at something else during the day. Their plight is certainly understandable. If this is you and you know who you are, perhaps it is time to stop wasting energy on being upset and start writing. Yes of course you might be tired and rather not get up earlier in the morning to write however keeping a positive spirit and choosing to write rather than choosing to be upset that you can’t write more may one day allow you to quit your day job.


  • You could write 1st thing in the morning.
  • You could write last thing at night.
  • You could write 3 nights a week before or after dinner.
  • You could write 4 mornings a week.
  • You could write all day on Saturday or Sunday or both.

These are just some ideas of how to make time to write with a day job. Once you shift out of the phase of ‘upset’ you will be able to imagine the best times for you to write.

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