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Often we keep ‘should lists’ of all the things we think we should have done. How is it possible that something we thought we should do, we haven’t done? Unconsciously we consider the effort, time and energy it would take to complete all the things on our should list, and then become stuck in the mud.

We might want to ask ourselves, why are the things on my should list important? What is the benefit of doing it? What is the consequence of not doing it? If the benefit and/or the consequence are large we are more likely to complete the task. Otherwise as procrastinators we will be just fine with doing it later. Which often means not at all

So, by keeping the benefits and the negative consequences large we are more likely to follow through, step out of the mud and do it. When evaluating your list, you may discover that some of the ‘shoulds’ are not important to you at all. If that happens erase them.

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