Bridge of Life

Pursue Your Passions No Matter What

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Thomas Edison Do you harbor unfulfilled dreams or yearn to begin a new career at forty, fifty, sixty, seventy or beyond?  Becoming a flourishing artist, entrepreneur, or even homeowner is not limited to one particular age or career.  The truth is that many […]

Allow Your Intentions to Become Reality by Removing Self-Limitations

Do self-imposed limitations stop you from reaching your dreams and goals? Do you keep yourself from becoming the person you’re meant to be? Think about the messages you tell yourself every day as they relate to what it is you want to accomplish. What’s your self-talk when your dream or goal comes to mind, what’s […]

Prosperity Through Pain

In today’s world, it can become incredibly easy to lose sight of what’s important. By being inundated with everything from constant digital distraction to ultra-hectic work and home lives, we may feel like we’re barely even in control of our own existence and we just become sick and tired, even complacent, with our routine and […]