Bridge of Life

Do self-imposed limitations stop you from reaching your dreams and goals? Do you keep yourself from becoming the person you’re meant to be?

P1050627Think about the messages you tell yourself every day as they relate to what it is you want to accomplish. What’s your self-talk when your dream or goal comes to mind, what’s the commentary or chatter? What is your attitude toward what you desire, how do you feel when you think about it?

Are the messages and feelings loving, positive, and supportive; or are they critical, negative, and demeaning? If we want amazing things to happen to us but don’t think it is possible now—or perhaps, not ever—we unconsciously create limits and obstacles that can prevent us from achieving what it is we want to manifest. We might even be the only one standing in our way!

Sometimes our negative self-talk is subtle, and might even seem positive because we aren’t saying we CAN’T do or have something…just that it can’t happen NOW. The underlying tone is still limiting. Here are some examples of what we may say to ourselves, or to others about ourselves, which could be undermining our goals: “Once I get that promotion, I will finally be able to…” “If I had a loving partner, I could feel ______ about myself.” “When I have the money, I can…” “As soon as I lose these extra pounds, I will be…”

Do any of those statements sound familiar? Are those “prerequisites” you use REALLY needed to actualize your dreams? What if we allowed the possibility—the opportunity!—for the path to our heart’s content to turn out different than imagined? What if it ends up better? We can never know unless we believe we’re worth it…now.

Life comes with enough challenges without adding self-doubt. As motivational speaker Louise L. Hay said in her book, You Can Heal Your Life: “What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us.” So let us be enthusiastic champions who remove and prevent self-imposed limitations, allowing our true selves and destinies to unfold.

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