Bridge of Life

The Total Self

In the post, Life Balance, I discussed the most prevalent areas of our lives that need balance and why each is important. The life area called Self is composed of our emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual needs and desires. Due to the complex nature of Self, I’d like to explore each component separately. Emotional The emotional […]

The Richness of Relationship

Typically, we think of relationships in terms of our connection to the people we see every day, our friends, our families and ourselves, and perhaps to our immediate environment. I think relationship goes much deeper than this. Carl Jung coined the term collective unconscious, which is the idea that we are all connected on an […]

How to Resolve Conflict Through Communication

Disagreement is a natural occurrence in life—we all have different opinions, ways of doing things, personalities, and communication styles. However, if one or more of the persons involved don’t communicate openly, or let emotions take over, a disagreement can easily turn into conflict. Here are some suggestions for resolving conflicts in a respectful and productive […]

Express Your Feelings Today

I have invited Yaz Headley of from the UK to guest blog on my blog for your pleasure: We can have so many joys and regrets in our lives. Bronnie Ware wrote a book on “The top five regrets of the dying”. One of the regrets she found was that they often wished they […]