Bridge of Life

Friends and Relationships – Making It Work

You’ve met someone and decide to start dating. You have been telling your best friend about this person and can’t wait for these two special people in your life to meet. The highly anticipated day comes, and it doesn’t go as planned. Their interaction is lukewarm, or one person is friendly while the other is […]

Evaluating Your Relationships

We are social beings. We crave connection and relationships. Relationships can bring us much joy, fulfillment, and security. However, there are times when we have to decide whether we want to continue our involvement with a friend or significant other. How do you know when it’s not working for you? Counsel yourself like a friend. […]

When Should I Move In?

At one time, I would have said that when you know you know so just jump. That was before I was a seasoned couples therapist and fully understood how important sharing the same values are for a relationship to work well over time. So, when do you know if a person shares your values? My […]

Releasing Emotional Baggage

Especially when it comes to romance, many women hold so very tightly on to trying to keep in control of their own emotional needs in the relationship. Trust issues, personal insecurity, and other nagging problems arise—and we don’t know how to put them away. When we’re not whole within ourselves, it’s easy to allow outside […]

Building Clarity: Relationships, Communication and Energy Fields

Energy includes three aspects of the body’s systems: Pathways – meridians; Centers – chakras and Biofield – aura. Understanding how the interaction of energy around you can affect a relationship will help you to maintain your physical boundaries, which we discussed recently.  By sensing your energy field and your physical boundaries, you can greatly improve […]