Bridge of Life

Especially when it comes to romance, many women hold so very tightly on to trying to keep in control of their own emotional needs in the relationship. Trust issues, personal insecurity, and other nagging problems arise—and we don’t know how to put them away. When we’re not whole within ourselves, it’s easy to allow outside influence guide our journey, resigning to unhappiness or uncertainty.

Not setting healthy boundaries with those we care about, however, allows them to unintentionally interfere with our personal wellness; affecting us more that we know. Our ability to problem solve is sacred, not shared. So why do we find this idea to be so difficult?

Instead of building boundaries many times we just schlep around our emotional baggage. While spiritual and emotional boundaries are important for our own health, allowing strength from within, baggage allows us to be unavailable by building walls. When we realize this, we can cultivate better relationships— within ourselves and our partner.

Love and support from others creates a sense of accomplishment and wholeness within our life. We believe that in order to be loving humans we need to be open. Being open is wonderful, but we have to be mindful of the personal ramifications of giving our power to others—you’re a better partner when you’re true to yourself

Now it’s time to practice—build your boundaries, but watch for your baggage. Allow your significant other you the opportunity to be present in your life, without being responsible for you. Building up this reciprocal respect of our personal boundaries not only strengthens love; but also creates peace within us to let go of the past and be happy.

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