Bridge of Life

Valuing Traditions in Life

With the passing of Labor Day, we are reminded of the pleasures traditions offer us. How they are a rich fabric of our lives, if we pay homage to them. Have you ever stopped for a moment and reflected on the value of your own traditions? Perhaps the grind of modern life has caused you […]

Understanding Wellness

Emotional wellness is not emphasized in our social, professional, educational or family systems. If you think about it for a moment, wouldn’t it be great if mental health were part of the main curriculum at schools? After all this is the 21st century! And when was the last time you asked a friend or family […]

Believing in Your Own Truth

I recently had a rather heated discussion with a friend who was trying to convince me that she was right and I was wrong about something. She was quite irritated that I would not agree with her. I wasn’t trying as hard to convince her of my ‘rightness’ as she was in insisting that I […]

Dare to Daydream!

How much of your time do you spend in personal reflection? Do you find yourself sometimes focusing on your own internal thoughts instead of what’s happening around you in outside world? Often times, we call this daydreaming, and it’s rarely received as a constructive activity. Alas, daydreamers, fear not! What some may see as a […]