Bridge of Life

Presently I notice that we are in a culture that believes that awards and winning is what makes us most valued. It has led me to wonder what we are valuing. Have we learned to care more about our achievements than enjoying the fragrance of the ocean and the sound of the surf?

For a time in my life I worked for CYO (catholic youth organization). My job was to assist in the development of programs and speak with the parents of children whom were on the various sports teams. What we developed was the idea, (at the time it was revolutionary), that ‘winning is not everything’. I must say, the parents met us with negativity at the notion that it was okay to lose. The children were under enormous pressure and anxiety at every game. Sadly, some would be scolded by their parents if they did not win.

As this is the time of year for Award ceremonies. Soon we have the Oscars. We recently had the Golden Globes and the Grammy’s. In the Arts if you win it is true that your career might move and certainly for a year or two you will earn more money. Yet I cannot help but wonder about the children. What do they get? If their team wins, they get to feel loved by their parents and maybe teammates. But what about the children that loses. Do they know that they are loved?

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