Bridge of Life

Vision Boards bring the Law of Attraction into your consciousness daily. The use of a vision board allows you to consistently think about what you want and how to draw that closer and closer to you. Every time you look at or add to it you will feel all the positive thoughts, feelings and beliefs that you can and will create what you want for your life.

Creating a vision board is fun. Use any size corkboard or piece of hard paper. I like corkboard 2’ by 3’ as it allows me to use pushpins so that I can add and/or move things around. Some people prefer to use a magnetic board and others glue and cardboard, it is your choice. You will be creating a collage of your dream, or healing.

Cut out pictures and/or words from magazines, your personal photos, the Internet and create the dream or healing that you are moving towards you.

Finding a Soul Mate

Gather photos and images that are coupled. Find photos of people that look like the partner you would like to attract. Make sure they are doing things that coincide with your values as well. Use images of couples that are listening to each other, seem content, happy, like each other.


Collect images and words of houses and neighborhoods, cities or towns or open space that represents for you where and how you want to live. Include trees, flowers, style of house, the furniture and appliances for inside the house, the more detailed, the better.


What is your passion. Find photos that represent your passion for a career. If you are unsure of the exact career you desire find images and words that express your values about what defines a successful career. Some examples could be: charity, working with children, helping others, accumulating large sums of money, power and prestige.


Find images and words that represent healing and health for you. So, first ask yourself what does healing and health look like for me? People playing tennis, ice-skating, yoga, sailing, all represent health to me. As do sunrises, forests, streams, baby animals, vast green pastures…what about you? Once you have defined what health looks like for you create it on your vision board.

Happy Relationship

If your relationship is not working the way you would like, instead of wishing your partner would change, become proactive and begin by creating a vision board. On this vision board you will want to place images of couples in love and who look as if they love each other. These couples will be having fun with each other. Use images of places where you and your partner have been, want to go, visited and lived. Use photos of you and your partner from your personal albums. Remember to use words, like love, commitment, forgiveness, joy…you get the picture.

To Lose Weight

Use images of people that are your ideal weight, not a fantasy body, but a body and weight that is realistic to your body type. Have images of foods that you know are healthy for you and of people like you enjoying these foods.

Creating Wealth

Images of whatever you consider to be wealth is what you want here. People have different ideas about what being wealthy is. For some it is literally money for others it may be land, for others having many children. So consider what it is for you and use the images and words that correspond with your beliefs to create wealth in your life.

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