Bridge of Life

Lessons from Animals on Love and Life

Although animals can’t walk, talk, or think quite like us, that doesn’t mean they can’t teach us a thing or two! Here are some life lessons that we can learn from animals: Listen to your inner wisdom. No matter how trained a pet is, all rules and focus on treats go out the window when […]

The Power of Loving Ourselves

With marriage equality for all now in the United States, ‘love is love’ is the new law of the land. It’s exciting to see that same-sex relationships are now recognized as legal and celebrated in our current culture— but what about self-love? Often it is believed that we can’t have successful relationships with another without […]

Increase Self-Esteem in a Few Easy Steps

Taking responsibility for your life is the key to having high self-esteem. Here are two clues that your self-esteem is not as high as you might like it to be: Blaming others for what does or does not happen in your life. Complaining about your life as if you have no say in it. Having […]